Flash zoom in movie clip and re-scale. How to zoom in a movie clip and Flash and then re-scale it.

Flash zoom in movie clip and re-scale

How to zoom in your Flash movie clip, re-scaling it as you go.

Here is a useful demonstration showing you how to change the scale and position of a MovieClip. In other words how to zoom and pan a movie clip then re scale it. The action script for this tutorial is quite long, so to save you time in typing it all into your Flash movie, we've included it below for you to copy and paste. What it does basically is tell the program to fit everything inside the square.

The software used in this tutorial is Adobe Flash.

To start the zoom in Flash tutorial below click the go arrow:

Note: you don't need to add the zoom cam to each Flash layer. Simply put the zoom cam on a layer by itself and if you ever want it to disappear add a blank keyframe or use normal frames to keep the cam active.

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