How to use sprites Flash tutorial.

How to use sprites Flash tutorial

Adobe Flash tutorial on how to use sprites

Here is a really useful tutorial for future flash game developers wanting to know how to use sprites. To follow along with this tutorial you need a png file that contains the sprite characters. You can download some png files from searching sprite sheet on google images. You'll notice if you follow that link it has literally hundreds of sprites. Some are in gif format while others are png. If you want to use a super mario brothers sprite like shown in this tutorial then you can find it at: Mario Brothers sprites.

You don't need to use the whole sheet of sprites. Simply open the file in Photoshop or any other graphics editor that supports png and cut out the characters you want to use. Make sure you resave it as a png then open Adobe Flash and click on File > Import... the .png. Now your ready to follow the tutorial.

The software used in this sprite tutorial is Adobe Flash.

I'm also adding a second Flash tutorial that will show you how to add sound to your sprite movements. For example, when super mario brother runs through a coin, it makes a sound effect as the coin dissapears.

This is basically all there is to know about using sprites and sounds in Flash game animation.

You might also be interesting in an earlier post that involved sprites called: Making game animations in Flash.

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