How to make game animations in Flash using game sprites. Using sprites to create animations in Flash.

Make game animations in Flash, game sprites

Adobe Flash Game Animations - Sprites

Shown below are a couple of tutorials for webmasters who include Flash games into their websites. The tutorials demonstrate how making flash animations for games, differs from making animations for website headers or movies. If your new to Adobe Flash, it's recommended you first look at 2 earlier tutorials.

1. How to use Flash tools
2. Stick man flash animation

The two part tutorial below demonstrates how to animate game figures, or rather sprites as they are better known, into karate type moves. The animation uses a movie clip with 17 different sprites. Each sprite contains its own movie clip for each move required. The game programmer can then link an action script to a sprite, depending on what button is pushed.

The software used in these tutorials is Adobe Flash.

Part One:

Part Two:

Since this post another has been made specifically showing you how to use ready made sprites.

Numerous other helpful links for game animation:

Sprite Sheets - Sprite sheets contain all the animations moves. In other words, the character is displayed in all different positions, ready to be included into an animation.

Basic Game Development in Flash - Shows you step by step how to create a character and control it using Flash 8.

Space Invaders Game - Flash tutorial.

Have Fun!

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