Free Flash .fla files to download and learn from. Downloading Flash projects and studying their code is one of the best ways to learn how to write Actionscript.

Free Flash .FLA file downloads

Free .FLA files to use in Adobe Flash - websites, games, preloaders, intros and hundreds more!

Learning from others is often the most effective way to teach yourself a new design method. For example, if your unsure how to make an Adobe Flash preloader, then download a couple of preloader .FLA files that others have created and play with them to see how its done.

You will need Adobe Flash software to use these FLA files.

Listed below are many useful places to download .FLA files for free to learn from:

1. DeviantART offers hundreds of free FLA files for download including preloader packs, the ever so popular matrix effect, MP3 flash players, platform game engines, a flash website design, drop down box, flash website navigation systems, moving cloud background for flash movies and many others.

example of flash website fla download

Flashkit is a useful site to download FLA files from. Free downloads include flash ecards, intros, banners, vector animations, rotating cubes, anime, games and full flash applications including guestbooks, chat rooms, calendars and much more.

3. Entheos is useful for those learning how to use Adobe Flash. It offers numerous tutorials that also include .fla files for the user to download and practise with. FLA files include motion tween, custom cursors, photo slide shows and galleries, flash games and many others.

Flash slide show example

4. Adobe Flash Developer Center has a good collection of sample files to download. Scroll about half way down the page to where it says, Macromedia Flash MX Sample Files. From there you can download all the Flash MX FLA samples that are included on their installation CD.

5. Pixel2life makes learning Flash easy with 100's of tutorials, many of which come with full fLA file downloads to experiment with and customise. Popular ones include firing bullets, creating a Flash website intro, random actionscript movements, super mario sprite character, security Flash game and others.

pixel2life logo

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