Stick man animation Flash tutorial. How to create a stick figure animation in Adobe Flash.

Stick man animation beginner Flash tutorial

Flash tutorials for beginners.

This tutorial will show you how to create a stick figure in Adobe Flash and move its legs as though its dancing.

Before starting this Flash lesson, here is a keyboard shortcut that will help you to create frames quicker and easier: Press your keboards F7 to create a new blank frame.

Firstly you create a new frame (press F7) then draw your stick figure with the paintbrush tool.



You then press F6 numerous times to copy as many other frames containing the stick figure, as you need.

Flash frames

Next, click on one of your frames and rub out the legs within the drawing.


Handy Tip: To see how the legs were in the frames before it, click on the onion skin icon.

onion skin tool

onion skin result in Flash

Then all you do is draw in the new legs for that specific frame.

draw new legs

Repeat this process for each frame. If you want to save yourself some time in rubbing out the legs, you might be better off creating legless frames to start with. Then simply add the legs for each one.

To test your animation click on the first frame and press your keyboards Enter button to play it through. Pressing CTRL + Enter will show you the Flash animation within a large full window.

For those with broadband Internet access, here is a video tutorial below demonstrating how to create a dancing stick man within Abobe Flash. Press the go arrow to start the tutorial.

The software used to create the stick man animation is Adobe Flash.

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