Keyboard shortcuts for Dreamweaver. A useful list of shortcuts for Dreamweaver. The shortcuts we use most often ourselves here at Hypergurl.

Keyboard shortcuts for Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be a real time saver when creating websites in Dreamweaver. For example, consider the time it takes to bring up code view then search for a specific line of HTML. Now imagine the time you could save if you simply pressed Control+Tab followed by Ctrl+F and typed in part of the line your needing to find. Dreamweaver then goes directly to the HTML code you need.

Listed below are keyboard shortcuts I use most often when using Macromedia Dreamweaver:

Ctrl+N Opens a new document to start editing.

Ctrl+W Closes the current document. If it's not been saved previously you will be prompted to do so.

Ctrl+O Open an existing document from your hard drive.

Ctrl+S Save the current document that you have in view. If it's never been saved, you will be prompted for a file name.

F12 View the current document in a Browser

Ctrl+Q Quickly closes Dreamweaver, does not save changes so use this shortcut carefully.

Ctrl+Z Undo the last change.

Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo the last undo.

Ctrl+C Copy the selected text and put it on the clipboard.

Ctrl+V Paste the text on the clipboard at the cursor location.

Ctrl+A Select all the text in the window.

Ctrl+F Search within the current document for text and replace it with other text if you choose.

Shift+Return Go to next line directly under current cursor position.

Ctrl+Shift+Space Insert a space along the horizontal line at your current cursor position.

Ctrl+T Add a tag quickly in the design view.

Ctrl+J Displays page properties window so you can edit background, text color etc.

Ctrl+Alt+A Quickly insert a named anchor at cursor.

Control+Tab Brings up code view so you can edit your HTML code directly.

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