Dreamweaver downloads - Free Dreamweaver extensions, behaviors and addons.

Free Dreamweaver extensions, behaviors and addons

Free Dreamweaver Extensions

What are extensions?

Dreamweaver extensions are small programs that you can install into your software that provides added functionality. For example, they could add a rollover navigation or an Abbreviation and Acronym addon to Dreamweaver that can be used with a simple click of a mouse. I guess you could say, extensions such as behavior addons makes Dreamweaver more efficient.

How to install Dreamweaver extensions

To install extensions or addons you need to download and use an Extenstions Manager. You can get these directly from the Adobe website.

Download Extension Manager for all versions of Dreamweaver

Note: You can download Managers for either Macintosh (4729k) or Windows (2407k).

Where to find free Dreamweaver Extensions.

ProjectSeven has several popular extensions. I especially recommend looking at 'Layer AniMagic'. This addon allows you to create cool menus that slide open or scrolling galleries of your prized works for example.

Rabi's Dreamweaver Extensions includes: Menu Builder, Text Rollover, Insert Sound, Banner Builder, Button Rollover, Right-Click Menu, Transitions, Scrolling Text, Frame Buster, Favorite Icon, Meta Tag Generator, Special Characters, Status Message, Form Builder, Add-to-Favorites, Print and News Tickers.

Technocurve has a terrific Lorem Ipsum extension. Webmasters find this addon useful for when they want to fill in website space with dummy text that is of no particular language. They can then show their clients how the site design will look without needing the actual content.

Harold's Home has useful Dreamweaver extensions for Abbreviation and Acronym, characters including copywrite, registered trademark or Euro and Beta etc.

4Level Extensions has a handy LoadImage addon that helps you to easily load thumbnails and create a mini image photo gallery. They also have extensions for Language Redirect, Open Browser Window, Jump Menu, Link To Js Files and many others.

And last but not least, it's worth your time taking a look through Adobe Dreamweaver Exchange Downloads as well. Not all these ones are free so you'll have to read the small print first.

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