Database Article written by Tanya Puntti - How to make a database Microsoft Access

How to make a database Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access Tutorial - How to create a database

Building a database isn't as hard as it first seems. Listed below is a series of tutorials that will visually demonstrate how to build a database from scratch using Microsoft Access. They are highly recommended for beginners to help them off to a quick start.

Step 1: Planning your database

The first step to making a database is to firstly plan one. This important step is often overlooked by eager beginners wanting to jump right in the deep end. However, without a clear plan, your database might end up a jumbled mess. Planning your project on paper will save you much frustration and dissapointment over the long run.

The tutorial below will talk you through how to go about planning your database project. Press the go arrow to start the video.

Step 2: Start Microsoft Access and begin building a database

When Microsoft Access first loads, you will notice a blank empty program. For some unknown reason the developers presumed users would automatically know what to do next. However this isn't always the case. The tutorial below is helpful in showing you how to firstly start a database and secondly, familiarize you with a few useful tools within Access.

Step 3: Creating Tables - Part One

Access databases work via numerous tables. The tutorial below will visually demonstrate different choices you have for building database tables. It then shows you how to build your first table.

Creating Tables - Part Two

Creating Tables - Part Three

Creating Tables - Part Four

Step 4: Adding Records

Now you have a database table built, its time to add some records. Or in other words, add some customers. The tutorial below will show you how to add a few customer records to your database.

Over the next few days I'll be posting Access tutorials discussing how to query your database, as well as how to build forms and reports.

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