Database Article written by Tanya Puntti - How to make database form Microsoft Access

How to make database form Microsoft Access

Database Forms - Microsoft Access

Yesterday we showed you how to make an Access database. Todays tutorial demonstrates how to make a database form. The main advantage of database forms, are that they allow you to easily add or delete customers (or products etc depending on your database content) from a user friendly form interface. In other words, a database form interacts with the database so the user doesn't need to know how to edit the actual database tables.

The picture below is an example of an Access database form:

database Access form

Note: Before you begin the tutorial below, you will need to have a database already created so you can link your form buttons and text boxes. You cannot add a customer or product if you don't already have a database to which to add them.

To start the database form tutorial, press the go arrow.

Where to from here?

Other useful resources to learn from are free applications you can downloaded and experiment with. Note: You don't need to make any database tables before using these templates as they are already included.


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