Bouncing Ball Javascript
Bouncing ball script suitable for intro pages

Handy Tip: Using javascript to bounce balls all over an entry page is not only fun, but also loads much quicker and is easier to install than Flash files.

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Welcome to my Website
This is a demo for the bouncing intro......


Bouncing Ball Intro Javascript

As you can see above, the bouncing ball intro is a great effect to use as an entry page script. Loads fast and is so much easier to install than Flash files. The effect is tailor made to suit short opening pages where no scrolling is neccessary. Will not scroll with the page.

You can make different color transparent balls if required and the link in the blue button is easy to change at the top of the script. I have placed comments within the script to make this easier for you.

You can change the wording to suit your site as well as the font type, color and size easily in the 4th part of the script. So let's get into it.


Copy the 2 transparent gif images below . Save to your hard drive and upload them to your server. Place them into the same folder as your html pages.



Copy the code below and paste this into the <head> of your html document. Change the url for the link on stationary ball at top of script.


Add this event handler into the <body> tag.

<body onload="Move();">


Copy the code below and paste this where you want the message to appear on your webpage. All normal html variations allowed. Change text wording, font type, size and color, etc, in this step.

If you have any problem installing the script, send us an email and include the url of the page where you are attempting the install. This will allow us to look at what is going wrong and help you with the problem quicker.


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