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Summary: If you've ever wanted to know how to create your own website then this is the place for you. Our site is packed with free website tools, online generators, javascripts, HTML game codes, CSS tutorials and free HTML codes for your websites. We also offer an excellent range of tutorials, as well as many other resources for webmasters.

Beginners: For those wanting information on how to create your own webpage, we recommend starting with our HTML Tutorial. This tutorial will show from from the beginning, how to code your own website using a simple text editor. You may also find this HTML generator useful.

Intermediate: At this level you already know how to create a basic website and are ready to add some more flavor to your design. In this case, you might like to check out our javascripts and website codes, or make good use of our online generators.

Advanced: Webmasters who have been around for quite a while will find our CSS tutorials useful. Other popular website tools are listed further down this page.

Take a look at the Sitemap where you'll find a full listing of website tools, HTML codes, javascripts, online generators and tutorials found at Hypergurl. If you are after HTML game codes, you'll find that browsing through our Hypergurl games section.

bullet HTML For Beginners
Learn how to make a website starting with our tutorial for beginners.

bullet iPhone apps for web designers - list of iPhone and iPad apps created by Hypergurl.

bullet 43 Javascript Generators
Online web tools to generate custom made, copy and paste javascripts. Includes generators to create a navigation menu or flash buttons for your website.

bullet Color Match Generator
Use our free color match generator to choose a color scheme for your website.

bullet Digg Button Generator
Online tool that helps you to easily make digg it buttons for your website.

bullet Tutorials
go to Flash Tutorials
go to Photoshop Tutorials
go to Dreamweaver Tutorials
go to Basic HTML Tutorial
go to Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

bullet URL Encode Generator
Website tool to help you URL encode or decode a string of text.

bullet MISC Tutorials
Tutorials from our old blog that are still relevant and useful.

go to Illustrator learning tools
go to How to create vector landscapes
go to How to use a drawing tablet
go to Database Tutorials
go toHow to capture screenshots on a mac
go toHow to fix a stuck disk drive on a mac
go toWhat do numbers on a digital camera lens mean

bullet HTML Tags
Description of html tags, working codes and in use examples.

bullet Server Side Includes
Make changes to all your website pages easily by just changing one text file.

bullet Free Javascripts
Java applets, trailing cursors, drop down menus, falling snow, pop up windows, and others.

bullet HTML Codes
HTML codes to copy and paste to your editor. Redirect, page transitions, text effects, page anchors, frames tutorials and more.

bullet Cascading Stylesheets
Grab some ready made CSS code or follow our comprehensive CSS tutorials.

bullet Meta Tag Analyzer
Use this meta tag analyzer tool to check your web pages and meta tags for search engine compatibility.

bullet ASCII Codes
Ever wondered how to do that ® or ©.
Find out how here.

bullet RGB Hex Color Chart
216 browser safe colors.

bullet Picture Tubes
Free PSP tubes.

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